Digital Genre's


Fanfiction is a digital literacy genre that may have existed almost as long as fiction has existed. It began to be a shared experience in the 1960's. Fans of cult television shows such as Star Trek began to create fanzines (or fan-magazines) and then the internet transformed fanfiction quickly to the point, where now, most television shows or books of interest to young people have an associated fanfiction presence online. Fanfiction of protected material is a legal violation of copyright- so fans often write fanfiction at their own risk, however it appears that for educative purposes the legal concept of fair use applies.Some authors such as JK Rowling encourage fanfiction while other authors vigorously protect their copyright. Fanfiction offers educators a great opportunity to engage young students in a mode of literacy that they have already shown huge interest in through online fanfiction forums.

Is it legal?



The genre of remix is an exciting new area of literacy. The remix / recut online culture sees the retelling of classic movies and stories into something completely new by mixing movies and adding voice and music overlays. usually run as "movie trailers" the remixed movie can turn 'Top Gun' into a compelling love story to compete with 'Brokeback Mountain' and 'Mary Poppins' becomes a horror story.


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