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Hi Guys
This is a wierd wiki site.
Tried to do a big heading but it won't let you.
Tried to copy a heading from word but also won't let you do that.
Tried to underline the heading and below is what happened.
Maybe I'm not using it properly.
Any ideas greatly appreciated!!!
I've just added a couple of paragraphs about what I found out about digital literacy, in particular order. Can pick bits out. Went to the local library but they didn't have anything at all. Not sure if you want a quoted definition or just write our own definition. Did you want quoted definitions for blog, fan fiction also?


Hello everyone. Hopefully you have got the gist of going to the page on the side nav bar and clicking edit on the bottom to add your stuff.
Corinna when you go into edit there are a group of boxes that start with H1, B, I U etc. If you highlight the text you type in and click on the box you can add effects to the text such as headings ( If you hold your mouse over H1 you will then see the H2-6 boxes) bold, italics etc.

Basically I wanted to use the wiki so that we could each post our research into the topics we allocated last week. I have done up a script for the teacher in role part and I have also started a Powerpoint presentation which begins with a fantastic 4 minute youtube clip about digital literacy. I will see if I can post the Powerpoint on this site. If not I'll show you on Wed or Thurs. The basic plan is to start with the Powerpoint and you tube intro. Move on to the skit then finish with some more powerPoint info.


Thanks Cherie. I will try the heading again.
The wiki looks good. It's a pity we can't use it somehow for the final presentation that we hand in as you have put some much work into it. Thank You.
Did you want a quoted definition for digital literacy and did you also want a definition for blogging etc?

Hi. Just tried the bigger heading and it didn't work again. Keeps coming up with another little screen that says are you sure you want to navigate away from this page? Anyway maybe someone can show me how to do it on Wed or Thursday.


I'm not sure what's happening there Corinna :{ Anyway we'll have a look. I can't embed the powerpoint but I'm going to look for the youtube link. I think we just need a general definition for digital literacy and then list some examples of types of digital texts because as you know being able to use the texts is what is important.


I think I've done the heading with not even realsing it. I think it only comes up when you have finished editing it. Will change the definition soon then.


Hi. I have been doing some internet research and have found an excellent journal about current research and researchers into digital literacy.
I have also found a couple of books from the library that will be good to reference from-
'The Internet- A writer's Guide', 'Computers, Thinking and Learning' and also there is some good stuff about computers/literacy in our Literacy texts from last term.
I am not exactly sure to do with this info- i thought that i was focused just overall
on digital literacies- researchers and educators contribution and not specific on
fanfiction for this section. Any thoughts on this?


Thats correct Kris. The researchers and educators are in relation to digital literacy and not specifically fanfic. We need to pull together all of our information and decide how we will present it

We have 15 minutes

The you tube takes up 4
The skit will take up 4
That leaves about seven ( plus a bit)
Within the context of the skit I will add the information about the EL's for the LM role to discuss.

Our Powerpoint must address the other components of the assignment and we will each need to talk to the topics assigned last week supported by a powerpoint during our presentation. So you need to think about the main take aways from your research and what you want to present to the class, but with only about a minute and a half to do it! That's where our collaboration comes in deciding what's important from the evidence you gather and what is not. You need to add the important evidence to your page for us to review. If you go to my page the one on EQ's Essential learnings you will see that I have defined what I believe are the main EL's for the fanfic digital genre. Comments will be good.

This is the link to the You tube movie []


The essential learnings sound good Cherie. How much more of a definition do I need? I'm not real good at putting definitions into my own words.


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