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The QSA Year 5 English essential learning focus is

“Students use their imagination and creativity to interpret and construct English texts that share their experiences of the world, to explore ideas and information…”

“They individually and collaboratively interpret and construct texts by identifying the audience, subject matter and purpose, and by applying their understanding of language elements and texts.”

Students can access many ways of working.

  • In the fanfic digital genre some ways of working are
  • Identify main ideas and the sequence of events, and make inferences
  • construct literary and non-literary texts by planning and developing subject matter, using personal, cultural and social experiences that match an audience and purpose
  • make judgments and justify opinions using information and ideas from texts, and recognise aspects that contribute to enjoyment and appreciation

The students will gain the following knowledge & understandings

Writing and designing

Writing and designing involve using language elements to construct literary and non-literary texts for audiences in personal and community contexts.
• The purpose of writing and designing includes entertaining, informing and describing

• Writers and designers can adopt different roles, and make language choices appropriate to the audience

• Words and phrases, symbols, images and audio affect meaning and interpretation.

• Text users make choices about grammar and punctuation, to make meaning.

Reading and viewing

Reading and viewing involve using a range of strategies to interpret and appreciate written, visual and multimodal texts in personal and community contexts.
• Purposes for reading and viewing are identified and are supported by the selection of texts based on an overview that includes skimming and scanning titles, visuals, headings, font size, tables of contents, indexes and lists
e.g. selecting an appropriate website from a list of different resources to support a task.


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